Boudoir photography is a photographic style featuring intimate, sensual, romantic, and sometimes erotic images of its subjects in a photographic studio, bedroom or private dressing room environment, primarily intended for the private enjoyment of the subjects and their romantic partners. It is distinct from glamour and nude art photography in that it is usually more suggestive rather than explicit in its approach to nudity and sexuality, features subjects who do not regularly model, and produces images that are not intended to be seen by a wide audience, but rather to remain under the control of the subject.

Common motivations for boudoir photography shoots include a surprise gift by a bride to their future husbands on or before their wedding day, undertaking weight loss regimes or other forms of body alteration and as a gift.


In the modern age we have seen a change with online sales platforms more and more shoots are made with the intent to sell the pictures as online content.


Time for Pictures: A TfP-based photoshoot

Please contact me first to request this formula, please mention your social media channels.

  • Location : Studio or Hotel, other locations are possible but is at the expense of the customer. I can recommend you some locations based on the wishes
  • Duration of the shoot : +/- 3 hours, including intake interview and clothing changes.
  • Style : Topless /(artistic) nude/erotic/bdsm/other
  • Pre-selection : Model gets to see all successful photos via an online secure portal
  • Final selection: Chosen by model on the online portal
  • Professionally finished photos : Depending on the style and duration of the shoot : 20 – 40 pcs.
  • Extra post-processing: It is forbidden to adjust the finished photos, crop, filters, change color, erase watermark, etc... unless with approval by me
  • Additional photos : Extra photos in high resolution can always be requested at € 15/photo. There is no watermark on this. Bulk options are available.
  • Delivery of the photos : Secure download in digital format, optimized for Facebook and Instagram (2048p). Watermark always present on the photos!
  • Delivery time : Finished photos within 3 weeks or faster (first 5 pics in the 1st week)
  • Publication : The model and myself may publish the finished photos on all social media channels, personal and "fan" websites. Tagging and mentioning everyone who contributed to the photos is mandatory
  • Cancellations : If the photo shoot cannot take place, the model must let me know at least 5 days before the shoot, I myself do that too.
  • Commercial Use : It is forbidden to third parties to use the photos for commercial purposes without prior permission from myself.
  • Minimum age : 18 years on date of the shoot
  • Last but not least: By signing the tfp agreement, the model declares itself in agreement with all included clauses. If the model wishes that the photos may not (longer) be published on social media or websites, I will remove them. for this you will receive a Forfait invoice of 400€. Everything that has been placed by me will be removed, channels are beyond my control and it is up to the model itself to have them removed.

Private/Commercial shoot

  • 1st of all I only shoot what I feel comfortable with
  • Location : Any location in Belgium, paid for by the customer/model (excl. transport costs)
  • Duration of the shoot : This is detailed in the concept and signed in the contract, delay or adtional time due to customer requests outside of the contract at €100,-/h. excl. VAT /started hour.
  • Cancellations : If the photo shoot cannot take place, the model must let me know at least 5 days before the shoot, I myself do that too.